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We not just set up Data Centers as infrastructure, our focus is to ensure these are energy efficient, secure-we put on our Innovation hat to drive towards this goal.


Efficient, effective monitoring with our flagship product “Vigilante”

Maximize storage and compute power

Making every setup Greener and reduce environmental impact to reduce our carbon footprint


Our technology and innovation help reduce Carbon footprints by 40%. 


We do this while improving their data storage capacity to 2X.

Our solutions help data Center owners reduce operational costs with effective process automations while Improving reliability of the operations. Our transformational interventions help manage capacity planning of key data center resources – Storage and Compute. We make them run at a fraction of power cost. We innovate towards 100% sustainable power source for next generation Data Centers or power guzzlers to help reduce environmental impact.

These Digital infrastructure have following cores that impact the world we live in, in ways we can not imagine unless someone takes the step towards sustainability and effective power generation to support such infrastructure.  These cores are:

Power – The Environmental Impact

Data centers require a significant amount of power to operate, which can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts. Power generation is an important consideration for any data center, as it can significantly reduce operational costs and support environmental sustainability. Data Centers are the biggest energy guzzlers and are necessary evil of modern society. To make next age digital services available to the grassroots they play a very critical role. All we can do is to accept them and yet innovate the technology and process to bring the impact on the environment to minimal best. 

Every degree of cooling has 3% of power impact

Despite the new age power sources, the primary power source for the Data Center is grid. We strive to innovate new technologies that can make small Data Centers capable of generating their own sustainable power at source itself thus minimising the impact on the environment and saving on carbon footprints.

We believe that sustainable power generation is a critical consideration for any data center, and we are committed to helping organizations identify and implement sustainable power generation solutions that support their business goals and environmental sustainability. 

Storage and Compute – the power saving impact

Nurturing and developing technologies that can run huge work computes or store many folds data at fraction of power requirements and at one tenth of the space requirement to store data. All these technologies eventually also improve data redundancy alongside. 

Our innovation is already working on the platform that has successfully demonstrated the size reduction of Edge Network from a prefabricated container to a coffee top table. Our distinct vision is to reduce the Edge Data Center to the size of a briefcase.

ProActive Monitoring – Tracking downtimes even before they happen

There is a high probability of data centers experiencing a downtime owing to many factors from spikes, security attacks, network malfunctions. Barring external and unpredictable reasons most other reasons are very much manageable so as to predict the downtime even before they occur. 

PlanckDOT works on the data set and monitors the network for any aberrations that may cause the downtime and loss to the owners and customers. With our revolutionary proactive monitoring technologies a huge amount of losses can be cut down by our monitoring systems thus saving a huge cost impact on bottom lines. We aim to continuously improve such technologies and nurture innovation in the ecosystem that can better the benchmark for the players.

We save 9921 trees with each new active innovation on any Digital Infrastructure.

Where technology is an empowering enabler for solutions that touch our lives everyday, in ways beyond imagination.

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